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Transform Your Teaching


As a Yoga teacher and wellness leader, you are in a unique position to create healing on an individual and community level.  It is time to expand your awareness & upgrade your teaching and practice to reflect your commitment for diversity, representation, and inclusion.

Get more info about this signature 16 week transformative and educational training made specifically for yoga teachers, both white and BIPOC, ready to embody the principles of the practice.  


Embody Inclusivity

Signature In-Person Trainings

Yoga teaches us the tools for creating union and harmony, yet people of color often feel excluded in Yoga studios.

Find the blindspots in your practice or yoga and wellness business, and begin creating truly inclusive spaces.


Decolonizing Yoga & Wellness

Learn about the decolonization movement! 12 Women and Men of color experts in the industry unpack and unravel what it means to decolonize the industry and move towards an inclusive and diverse mindset.

Yoga teachers & studio owners, space holders, wellness enthusiasts, and spiritual entrepreneurs - THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!


Elevate your Social Impact

You cannot do better when you don’t know better. In order to be an effective Ally and Accomplice you must first have an expanded awareness.

The Ahimsa Method is my unique program that teaches you how to elevate your social impact and dismantle systems of oppression.